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Dacar Motorsport is official dealer of many top motorsport companies from around the globe. Electronics, mechanics and software, you can find solutions for every motorsport segment.


Flashing tool for ECUs of many different stock cars, ECUTEK is a world leader in the business. Flashing available for Subarus, Nissans, Mitsubishes and more.


One of the market leaders in electronic equipment for motorsport, MoTeC offers ECUS, Dash Displays, sensors and other high end equipment. Dacar Motorsport a official dealer of MoTeC in Brazil, offering any MoTeC gear in existence.

Bosch Motorsport

Pioneer in the development of many Technologies, Bosch Motorsport is a world leader on the business. Participating in every racing category imaginable, Bosch Motorsport brings the knowledge of decades of developing. Dacar Motorsport s a official Bosch Motorsport dealer, offering a wide range of motorsport products.

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